Vitt Heating & Air

Vitt Heating had lost almost $5M in revenue over a three year period before contracting with me. His brand reputation was restored and the company saw double digit growth for 14 consecutive months in a competitive HVAC market.

All Valley Masonry

All Valley Masonry had a record year and broke $500K for the first time after contracting me. There are positioned to grow to over $3M (residential) in the next five years using outside the box digital strategies that are new to the masonry industry.

Electronic Systems Protection

Electronic Systems Protection is a US based manufacturer. With my help they say a record year in 2016 with record profits and a record year for revenue passing $40M for the first time in the 30 year history of the company. The transition to record profitability allowed the owners of Electronic Systems Protection to sell the company at a great price to AMETEK also in 2016.

Northampton County Schools

The Superintendent of Northampton County Schools contracted me to create a communications and branding strategy to increase the number of quality recruits for the school district and to anchor parents, teachers and administrators to the brand and new direction. The result was a brand strategy that advanced the school district.

Simpson Hoover Law

Lisa is an accomplished attorney, speaker and author and the owner of Simpson Hoover Law. She contracted me as a referral from another attorney who I successfully helped grow their law practice using digital marketing. The Simpson Hoover Law firm has been a satisfied client since 2009.

Option A or B Debates

From inception to materialization Option A or B was started at the end of 2015 and received more than 10,000 listeners in its first three months making it one of the more successful podcast launches. One year later Option A or B is listed on more than 20 podcasting sites and had one of the more popular podcast episodes on iTunes.

Rhino Roofing

Within a month of contracting with me Rhino Roofing received its first high-end customer and $50,000 receipt. By taking the time to identify their target market and putting a system in place to acquire clients in that market we were able to achieve results quickly.